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Lights…Camera…Action! Students in grades 6-12 hav the opportunity to take drama during the school day, and the after school productions are a very special extension of their learning process. In addition to an annual elementary production, the Bosch Center is home stage to the work of middle school and high school plays and musicals.

We are proud to present the 2018-2019 TAISM Drama Season:

High School Musical

Bye Bye Birdie

Middle School Play

The Enchanted Bookshop

Elementary School Musical 

Aristocats, Kids

High School Play

The Gift


Students use acting to explore, express, and communicate ideas, emotions, and relationships.  They develop an awareness of timing, body language and its meanings.  In an after school setting, drama skills are improvised and rehearsed.  Students study performing skills, both vocal and physical, and the technical skills of designing and implementing within the areas of lighting, sound, costume, stage make-up, props and set design.

Through the creation of live theater, students grow in their ability to comprehend the world and communicate with others. The overall goal of the drama program at TAISM is to foster a positive self-image in students and to help them use their body, voice and mind as tools to creatively communicate ideas. As a story unfolds, actors and tech crew experience the lessons and rewards of an ensemble-based, performance-based endeavor.


 A Walk Down Memory Lane on the TAISM Stage

…these productions include Elementary through High School productions, as well as Faculty Shows.


The Wizard of Oz - Directed by Rebecca Oden


The Fantastiks - Directed by Rebecca Oden/Melanie Brink


School Daze - Directed by Tina Casey


Christmas at the OK Corral - Directed by Tina Casey

Go Fish - Directed by Melanie Brink

Chasing Dreams - Directed by Tina Casey


Another Romeo & Juliet - Directed by Tina Casey

Annie, Jr. - Directed by Melanie Brink, Mary Almquist, and Holly Albers

Our Town - Directed by Kris Hovland


Grease - Directed by Tina Casey/Melanie Brink

Rats - Directed by Gwen Willson

The Odd Couple - Directed by Kris Hovland


Into the Woods - Directed by Kris Hovland/Melanie Brink/Dolly Ellwein

Aesop’s (Oh So Slightly) Updated Fables and School Daze - Directed by Kris Hovland

The Emperor’s New Clothes - Directed by Gwen Willson

Horror High - Directed by Kris Hovland

Faculty  Broadway Revue - Directed by Gwen Willson and Tim Willson


Back to the 80’s - Directed by Kris Hovland/Melanie Brink

Aladdin, Jr. - Directed by Kris Hovland/Melanie Brink

Treasure Island - Directed by Gwen Willson

A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Directed by Kris Hovland

Cut - Directed by Kris Hovland


Guys and Dolls, Jr. - Directed by Kris Hovland/Melanie Brink

30 Reasons Not to Be in a Play - Directed by Kris Hovland

The Princess and the Porcupine - Directed by Sammy Habib/Omar Maan

Dragon Tale - Directed by Gwen Willson

In a Strange Land and Booby Trap - Directed by Kris Hovland

Will and Whimsy - Directed by Kris Hovland


A-Haunting We Will Go - Directed by Kris Hovland

Goldilocks on Trial and Monster Hunters - Directed by Kris Hovland

Jungle Book - Directed by Jason Drahos

Once on This Island - Directed by Kris Hovland/Melanie Brink

Rules of Comedy - Directed by Kris Hovland


A Brief Unit on Interdimensional Heroism - Directed by Kris Hovland

Dear Edwina, Jr. - Directed by Kris Hovland/Jason Drahos

Pinocchio - Directed by Gwen Willson

Mulan, Jr. - Directed by Kris Hovland/Melanie Brink

DeeDeeby and Homework Eats Dog - Directed by Dee Dee Dvirna/Kris Hovland

The Frog Prince and Rapunzel Uncut - Directed by Kendra Kuti


Is There a Comic in the House? - Directed by Kris Hovland

A Dickens Christmas - Directed by Gwen Willson

Circus Olympus - Directed by Kris Hovland

The Little Mermaid, Jr. - Directed by Kris Hovland/Melanie Brink

Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone - Directed by Kris Hovland


Stardust - Directed by Kris Hovland

Winning Whiners and How I Got That Part - Directed by Kris Hovland

Treasure Island - Directed by Rachel Kerr

The Music Man, Jr. - Directed by Kris Hovland/Jason Drahos


Xanadu -  Directed by Kris Hovland

Facing-Up - Directed by Kris Hovland

Magic School House: Knights at Dawn -  Directed by Rachel Kerr

Honk - Directed by Kendra Kuti

Selfie - Directed by Kris Hovland

Superheroes - Directed by Kris Hovland


The Outsiders - Directed by Kris Hovland

Dorthy in Wonderland - Directed by Kendra Kuti

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Jr. - Directed by Rachel Elbin and Wendi Buck

Freckleface Strawberry - Directed by Kris Hovland, Choreography Loralea Wood

The Grimm Brothers Spectaculathon - Directed by Kris Hovland


The Bold, The Young, and The Murdered - Directed by Kris Hovland

All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Being a Zombie - Directed by Kris Hovland

The Other Room - Directed by Kris Hovland

Romeo To Go - Directed by Kris Hovland

It’s a Wonderful Neverland - Directed by Kendra Kuti 

Law and Order:Fairy Tale Unit - Directed by Kendra Kuti          

Annie, Kids - Directed by Rachel Elbin, Music Director Andrew Elbin

All Shook Up - Directed by Kris Hovland/Andrew Elbin, Choreography Loralea Wood


The Hope and Heartache Diner - Directed by Kris Hovland

Seussical, Jr. - Directed by Kendra Kuti/Andrew Elbin

Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon - Directed by Rachel Elbin/Andrew Elbin

The Haunting of Chip Lake Lodge - Directed by Student Hamda Qaiser

High School Musical - Directed by Kris Hovland/Andrew Elbin, Choreography Loralea Wood

Our Town - Directed by Kris Hovland




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