Nothing touches the heart like music. We express in singing what sometimes cannot be expressed in spoken words. At TAISM, we believe our voices are gifts we share with the world and being part of a choir is a lifelong collective endeavor. Studies show that participation in a chorus has countless benefits, including anxiety and stress reduction. With our main emphasis being an ensemble-based approach, singers at TAISM are able to learn a variety of collaborative group skills such as reading music, communication of thought, the ability to express themselves and engage in many higher level thinking skills.

Each singer is a vital part of the program. The Choir Room at TAISM is home to four academic ensembles and many combos of vocalists wishing to continue working together after school, rehearsing over 180 students in a week’s time. Throughout the year our presentations are held in The Bosch Center for the Performing Arts.

With a strong sense of teamwork, enthusiasm, and perseverance, TAISM choral music singers:

  • Develop skills sequentially on the TAISM Choir Continuum, building our skills in sight reading, performing rhythms, ear training, critical listening, and effective use of the choral score. This process helps us make informed evaluations concerning the student’s individual journey as a singer.
  • Celebrate that music is a key component of the world’s history and cultures. Singers will engage in repertoire representing diverse languages, genres, and time periods.
  • Explore a diverse landscape of presentation skills: stage presence, poise, public speaking, blocking, formations, dramatization, and choreography.
  • Embrace the belief that singing is a way of life – vocal ethos. Thorough study, rehearsal and performance provide the foundation for a deeper level of responsibility; giving back to the community, using music as a tool for social awareness and support for global causes.

Students in the choral program may also audition for festivals supported by The Association of Music in International Schools (AMIS).  ( These class extensions provide students the opportunity to go through a unique audition process, ultimately collaborating and performing with some of the leading conductors and advanced student musicians from all over the world.

Choral highlights at TAISM include:  various concerts, MS Talent Shows, Random Acts of Singing, (an extra-curricular MS ensemble), HS Choir Retreat and Coffee House, Kindred’s Rednight (a benefit concert), TAISM Festival of Choirs, and Choralation (a combined MS and HS spring pops showcase). The high school ensembles also sing at Graduation.

Choir at TAISM provides students with the opportunity to appreciate the skill development and dedication necessary for singing in an ensemble, as well as the enjoyment felt from bringing a piece of music to life and the camaraderie that results from the process.


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