Through large group ensembles, instrumentalists at TAISM are able to learn a variety of collaborative group skills such as reading music, communication of thought, the ability to express themselves and engage in many higher level thinking skills.  All levels of competency are welcome, from basic beginners to accomplished musicians.  While listening to music is beneficial, learning to play an instrument provides countless benefits to youth.  The Concert Bands at TAISM, at both the Middle School and High School levels, are the core curricular classes for wind and percussion students. They perform bi-annually in The Bosch Center for the Performing Arts on campus.   In addition to these courses, instrumentalists have multiple opportunities to enhance their learning.  For example, participation in the Jazz Band (MS or HS) allows students to develop skills that are not necessarily covered in the core ensemble setting.  They may also participate in study trips such as the SAISA Music Festival (HS) and the MS and HS Honor Bands supported by The Association of Music in International Schools (AMIS).  These class extensions provide students the opportunity to go through an audition process, ultimately collaborating and performing with some of the leading conductors and advanced student musicians from all over the world.

From the fine tuning and fundamentals of a B Flat scale to following a conductor’s gestures in a live concert,  instrumental students grow in their ability to comprehend themselves and the world they live in. The overall goal of the Performing Arts program at TAISM is to foster a positive self-image in students and to help them use their body, voice and mind as tools to creatively and effectively communicate ideas.

Recently performed literature includes the following:

  • Prelude, Siciliano & Rondo - Malcolm Arnold/Paynter

  • Star-Crossed - Andrew Boysen

  • Chorale & Shaker Dance II - John Zdechlik

  • Themes from Green Bushes - Percy Grainger/Daehn

  • Olympic Spirit - John Williams/BoCook

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