TAISM Performing Arts

Being a member of a drama production and music ensemble is an essential component of a student’s journey at The American International School of Muscat.  Participation in both formal and informal presentations is embraced in all levels - from Kindergarten through High School graduation. Student leadership in the form of mentoring, being a section leader, or a student director is a notable aspect of service to the productions and concerts.

Our students achieve high honors by earning positions in top selected international ensembles and have entered universities having received scholarships to continue their performing arts endeavors. At TAISM, we also welcome new students becoming involved regardless of their experience. Student performers are challenged to fulfill the responsibility of one’s personal contribution towards the group’s goals; in essence, the final product created is something larger than oneself. Helping students bridge into mastery is nurtured on a personalized basis. Our goal is to create well-rounded, reflective, expressive, independent, and ensemble-based performers.

Explore ~ Understand ~ Create ~ Appreciate ~ Analyze ~ Perform ~ Reflect
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