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TAISM Students Participate at SAISA Tournaments

November 02, 2017

The weekend of Oct 26-28, 2017 was action packed with tournaments in Muscat, Mumbai and Kathmandu.  TAISM hosted the SAISA swim meet with over 240 swimmers and 30 coaches.  The boys volleyball team traveled to ASB in India while the girls volleyball team played at Lincoln School in Nepal.

Hosting the swim meet is such a monumental task that could not be accomplished without so much support from the entire TAISM community. Teachers volunteered to host coaches, make food, work the swim meet and many other jobs. Our TAISM families helped to support by hosting over 170 swimmers for four nights.  The swim parents also volunteered to work the swim meet as marshalls, runners and awards specialists. I would personally like to thank the Administration, teachers, staff and families of TAISM who helped put on a great swim meet. We have heard many compliments from the traveling teams and we should be very proud!!

TAISM’s Swim team has been training since late August to perform their best on this weekend.  The MS and HS students create the team of 30 swimmers who can swim a total of 10 events throughout the weekend.  Needless to, it can be an exhausting task. The kids swam to over 100 Personal Bests and 6 SAISA records.  We are a fairly balanced team and that showed in the final placings.  TAISM placed first in overall girls, third in overall boys and second in overall team score.  This is a repeat placing from last  year. The swim program continues to grow and hold strong on their performance. Many highlights from the kids are the relationships that they build with fellow swimmers from our league.

The Boys volleyball team played some exceptional ball in Mumbai against some really good opponents.  If you look at the scorebooks, you will see that TAISM had many close matches throughout and finished with a 2-4 record in the round robin.  Many of those matches going three sets with tight scoring. They are very proud of the fact of winning their final match of the tournament to finish in 5th place. Our team members received a number of “S” pins which are given out by students during the tournament to those who are displaying Positive Sporting Behaviors. This is something TAISM is proud of because it speaks to our students good natured qualities as a person.

The Girls volleyball team was in Kathmandu and came together as a team to capture second place. They played well throughout the round robin to secure a top three position to get into the knockout stages. Once there, they were able to topple the number one seed from their bracket to move into the final. Quite an accomplishment since they have been beaten by that team before, showing some grit and determination. In a repeat performance from last year in the final match against Lincoln School, we gave it our all and ended up retaining the 2nd place trophy.

We are all so proud of the efforts and accomplishments of our teams and coaches during the season and at SAISA. We have talked about Winning the Day with Heart this school year. That means we find small things throughout the day that go well for us. Doing these little things right will add up to big things in the end. We put ourselves in good positions for great things to happen. Thanks for your support for our Student Athletes and coaches.

Luther Rauk, Athletic & Activities Director 

Find SAISA Tournaments 2017 results, photos, and videos at saisa.taism.com



Alvin Thomas, Y Magazine, Nov. 8, 2017

It was a balmy Thursday evening but the excitement was at an all-time high at The American International School Muscat (TAISM). Most weeks, such a buzz at the school grounds on a Thursday evening would have been from the approaching weekend; but not today.

Things were a bit different: students, parents, teachers and coaches were all gathered around to do one thing – and one thing only – and that’s to cheer the participants taking part in the SAISA competitive swimming tournament in the school’s pool.

So, what is SAISA?

Well, SAISA represents the ‘South Asian Inter-School Association’, and the tournament is held annually over several athletic and non-athletic platforms.

There are roughly 10 schools involved with SAISA, of which nine teams – all prepared to take one another on – participated in competitive swimming last Thursday (and over the weekend) at TAISM. The teams were from Oman, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Other athletic activities in the SAISA league includes volleyball, soccer (football), basketball, tennis, track and field, and badminton. These events are ongoing in overseas schools.

Looking at the audience I realised that taking part in the SAISA tournament was more than just taking home the trophy; it’s a testament to the healthy competitive spirit inculcated in each of these students.

But before I could even realise, the gun went off, and six swimmers leapt into the pool. The swimmers fought exhaustion from the sun blaring down on them but they kept going in a bid to take on the 400m freestyle.

And what a spectacle it turned out to be. In a mere 1.02.89, Serena Lee, the captain of the TAISM Eagles, got the pole.

But that was not all: she also smashed a SAISA record; the elation on her face was evident.

“Today’s been a good day and I think we achieved a lot,” Serena said.

“We trained very hard and we (from TAISM Eagles) all supported each other, which is why we achieved what we did today.

“We all want each other to do very well, so we are hyping one another,” she laughed.

“The competition is fun and all our teammates are doing well. As captain that’s something I am looking for,” she added.

Serena’s efforts were further highlighted when she finished second in the 400m freestyle. She clocked her personal best of 4.55.54 – which was a whole 23.5 seconds faster than her previous best.

Another swimmer who beat his personal record was Agustin Krupka Buendia, another TAISM Eagles member.

“I beat my personal best by 20 seconds,” the second-place holder told me.

“I feel great. All those hours of training and hard work finally paid off,” the youngster beamed with pride.

And why not? With more than 175,000 metres of swimming during practice sessions and more than 5,000,000 metres of swimming as a team, it was only a matter of time before the results started clocking in.

In total, TAISM swimmers broke 196 of their personal best times and won 16 gold medals, 26 silver medals and 7 bronze medals. The swimmers also broke 31 TAISM school records and six SAISA records.

Overall, TAISM Eagles claimed the second spot among the nine competing teams.

Commenting on the league, Luther Rauk, the athletic director at TAISM, said: “SAISA’s been around a long time and it’s been a great league for us to be in. It’s a bunch of like-minded schools with similar philosophies.”

“There are six starting blocks today. Teams can get three entries into each race. And the computer organises their seed time. We then run multiple heats to get all nine schools’ kids into the six lanes in the pool.

“Everybody’s very good here and we’ve already heard a few SAISA records being broken,” he added.

“One thing I love about SAISA is that the children can get to know each other. We see a lot of the kids coming back and they get to build relationships with each other and the coaches.

“So, it’s a really unique situation in our SAISA league.”

Also impressive was the fact that the families of TAISM school students hosted contestants from other schools.

“The swimmers arrived on Wednesday and are staying with host families from TAISM families. The coaches are all hosted with our teachers,” explained the athletic director.

One student coming to Oman from Pakistan said: “SAISA gives us all an opportunity to meet people and form bonds with them.

“Yes, there’s a great competition going on. But I’m going home next week with a great story to tell and, maybe, with a few medals, too,” she laughed.

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