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TAISM at SAISA Swimming

October 26, 2016

The TAISM EAGLES made a Big Splash in the pool during the weekend of October 20-22, 2016.

The MS/HS SAISA (South Asian Inter School Association) Swim Team competed with more than 250 swimmers and 9 schools in a three-day swim meet at Lincoln School in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

The TAISM team swam more than 130 personal best times in over 85 different events throughout the competition. We had numerous swimmers in both the A and B Finals and we broke many SAISA and school records. It was an exciting and fun competition. Overall, the TAISM Swim Team finished in 2nd place behind the 1st place host team, Lincoln School.

Age-Group Titles include :


10-12 year old swimmers won 1st place.

13-14 year old swimmers came in 2nd place.

15+ over swimmers came in 2nd place.

Overall, the TAISM Girls team won 1st place!


10-12 year olds, our one and only swimmer, Hudson, swam spectacularly to score more than 60 points for our team.

13-14 year old swimmers came in 4th place

15+ over swimmers won 1st place

Overall the TAISM Boys team was 4th place.


We had 20 TAISM school records and 8 SAISA records broken during this competition. Below is a list of students who set new records  at the SAISA Swim 2016 meet:

Boys 15 years and above:

200 MEDLEY RELAY team of Caio Rizzini, Ewan Cosker, Mark Kluknavsky and Cole Ellis earned a new school record held since 2012 with a time of 2:06.03 earning a new SAISA record.

Girls 15 years and above:  

400 M Freestyle- Serena Lee broke her own school record of 5:26.96 with a time of 5:19.12

200 M Breaststroke- Elisa Camero broke the existing school record of 3:39.96 with her time of 3:14.59

13-14 year old Girls 

200 M Breaststroke- Emma Grossback broke her own school and SAISA records with a winning time of 3:09.87

100 M Butterfly- Emma Grossback broke her own school record 1:19.002 from last year with the time of 1:15.92.

200 M Freestyle Relay team of Luisa Lane, Janine Kluknavsky, Jessie McLean, Maren Lee-broke the existing SAISA record and the school record of 2:16.11 with a time of 2:11.63 (The existing SAISA record was broken by four teams at this meet. What a race!!!).

400 M Freestyle Relay team of Luisa Lane, Janine Kluknavsky, Fallon Johnson, Maren Lee narrowly  missed the existing SAISA record by less than 1 second and came in second place with a time of 4:55.52 shattering the school record of 5:08.87

10-12 year old Boys

100 M Backstroke-Hudson Kemp broke the school record of 1:33.58 held since 2013 with a time of 1:27.69

10-12 year old Girls

50 M Freestyle- My-Linh Gelinas broke the school record of 31.29 with her winning time of 30.33

100 M Freestyle- My-Linh Gelinas broke her own record of 1:12.78 smashing it with her new SAISA record winning time of 1:07.86

200 M Freestyle- My-Linh Gelinas earned another SAISA record and shattered the TAISM school record with her winning time of 2:29.34

50 M Backstroke- Lucia Perdiguero broke her own TAISM school record of 37.85 with a winning time of 37.06

100 M Backstroke- My-Linh Gelinas smashed the school record of 1:23.17 with a winning time of 1:18.50

50 M Breaststroke- Neive Cosker broke her own record of 40.05 with a winning time and new SAISA record of 38.72

100 M Breaststroke- Neive Cosker earned another SAISA and school record with her winning time of 1:26.71 surpassing her previous record of 1:29.62

50 M Butterfly- Lucia Perdiguero set a new school record with her time of 35.41 (previous record was 35.59)

100 M Individual Medley- Lucia Perdiguero smashed the existing school record of 1:22.16 with her time of 1:19.95

200 M Individual Medley- My-Linh Gelinas shattered the existing school record of 2:59.81 with her time of 2:51.41

200 M Freestyle Relay team of Lucia Perdiguero, Cara Ellis, Neive Cosker, My-Linh Gelinas broke the school record and set a new SAISA record with their winning time of 2:16.40 

400 M Freestyle Relay team of Lucia Perdiguero, Emily Little, Neive Cosker, My-Linh Gelinas shattered the school and previous SAISA record set last year of 5:04.60 held by TAISM with a winning time of 4:57.39


However, there was much more to this meet than setting new records.  

The TAISM Eagles swam with determination, grit, and passion. They competed with heart and from the heart. Our team supported each other, as well as so many other swimmers at the meet. Throughout the season they worked hard, stayed focused, took care of each other and rose to the challenge of this demanding sport. Our team continued to do so over the long three day meet…they swam hard, kept their heads in the pool, had fun and gave it their all. Way to go TAISM EAGLES


I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who supported us during the meet.  We could feel the energy coming our way! Special thanks to coaches Grace Luna and Tom Yates for helping our swimmers do their best and win accolades for TAISM.

TAISM Swimmers dared to DREAM BIG and SWIM FAST!!!!!!!!


Cori Lee, Aquatics Coordinator

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