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TAISM International Day Helps Celebrate Diverse Cultures in Oman

March 24, 2016

A diverse mix of cultures from 45 countries in one place brought people together at the International Day organised by The American International School of Muscat (TAISM) last Friday.

Visitors had the chance to try some of the best food from these countries, watch several performances by students and shop for homemade items, the revenues of some of which were also donated to charity.

The International Day is a way for students and staff at TAISM, who represent 67 nationalities this year, to celebrate being in the school by sharing each other’s culture, Natasha Fernandes, parent volunteer coordinator, explained.

While initially the focus was on food, other activities, such as stage performances and typical Omani activities, like applying henna, were added, she explained. She said the event has grown bigger in recent years.

“As we have grown to 67 nationalities, everyone wants to represent their culture,” Fernandes said.

The Indian booth for example, focuses on the wedding theme in India and its rituals, she explained. She added that the Arabs had decided to get together and put Oman, being the host country, at the centre, with the hospitality tent serving coffee and dates.

The International Day also gives parents the opportunity to showcase their talent for making handicrafts and selling their products. Fernandes said the event is “like Muscat Festival, but on the school grounds.”

Some vendors at the International Day donated their revenue earned to charity.

“Everything we sell, 100 per cent of it will go to dementia care in Oman,” one of the sellers at the “Bakesale Fundraiser” said. The proceeds raised will help fund the training of Omani nurses who want to become caregivers for people suffering from dementia.

Fernandes added that this is the only event where parents and teachers come together to organise the food, activities, as well as stage performances. The event was well received by visitors.

Ton Sipkema, a parent from the Netherlands, said it is “a great way to bring together all these nationalities.”

“I think it is getting busier every year,” he noted.

Ana Rodrigues, from Portugal, expressed her enthusiasm as well. “It’s nicely organised as usual. People are putting in some great effort to make everything possible. Not only children and parents from this school enjoy, but also people from other schools come here. It’s a good reason to meet with friends from other schools,” she added.


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