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SAISA MS/HS Fall Sports Season Tournament Success

November 17, 2015


TAISM had the great opportunity to host the 2015 SAISA (South Asia Inter School Association) Championship Swim Meet on Oct. 29-31.  International school teams from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal traveled to Muscat to compete in the three-day event.  There were over 85 events in age categories ranging from 10-19 years old.  Each team, consisting of 30 swimmers and three coaches, gave their best effort whenever they were in the pool.  SAISA is a wonderful league for our school to be a part of as the student-athletes are able to reunite with friends they have made while competing against the schools in other sports tournaments.  These relationships last a lifetime.

The SAISA Swim Meet would not have been possible without the excellent support received from the TAISM community.  We housed 140 traveling athletes and 20 coaches.  We had over 80 volunteers helping to run the timing system, race ready area, gate marshalls, awards table and much, much more.  The continued support from TAISM was amazing and appreciated!

TAISM swimmers performed well in their own pool and scored well throughout the weekend.  

Here are some of the results:


Combined Team Scores:

1st place- TAISM- 1,901 points

2nd place- Karachi American School- 1,445 points

3rd place- American International School of Dhaka- 1,197 points

TAISM Girls:

10-12 Girls- 1st place

13-14 Girls- 1st place

15-19 Girls- 2nd place


10-12 Boys- 6th place

13-14 Boys- 2nd place

15-19 Boys- 2nd place

While TAISM was hosting the Swim Meet, our high school girls and boys volleyball teams traveled to the Overseas School of Colombo (OSC) in Sri Lanka, to play in the SAISA Volleyball Tournament.  It was a an exciting event with the boys and girls teams competing at the same location, where they were able to cheer their partner teams throughout the weekend.  The teams played hard and through long days, with 18 teams competing. The girls team brought home a fourth place finish and the boys team brought home fifth place. Our teams had great seasons, culminating in a successful experience at SAISA volleyball.  

We are thankful to all our our student athletes, coaches, teachers and parents who supported our program this past season. We look forward to continued success with our student athletes.

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