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SAISA Boys Basketball Tournament

May 10, 2015


The High School Boys Varsity Basketball Team completed its season with participation in the SAISA League Tournament, held this year at the American International School of Chennai, India. After a season of competition against local schools, the boys finished in 6th place in SAISA against a very strong field of competitors. 

As a basketball coach a couple of the best traits you hope to see in your players is support for one another and a competitive drive no matter how much time is left on the clock or regardless of the score. There is no doubt that this year’s team exemplified both of those traits.

The boys all played extremely hard this year throughout practices and games. It was a joy to watch them play. From day one, we talked of creating an identity as a team and how we wanted to be remembered. When we competed we wanted the other team to know that they just played a group of guys that never lets up. All season long the players supported one another and were committed improving themselves and their teammates. 

With most of our players returning next season I’m excited to see what the future holds for TAISM Varsity Boys Basketball.

Nick Wood, Varsity Coach and PE Teacher


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