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TAISM Raises OMR 4,000 for Leukemia Research in Oman

February 02, 2015


Students, teachers and families from TAISM raised over OMR 4,000 for leukemia research with their annual Terry Fox run and events. 

Last week TAISM (The American International School of Muscat) sold t-shirts and held a run, a pep-rally, a hair-cutting and head-shaving day, and a bake sale to raise money for cancer research and honour Terry Fox, a Canadian cancer victim who tried running across Canada on a prosthetic leg to raise money and awareness for the disease. 

He died before he could complete his run, but each year millions of people in 60 countries participate in the Terry Fox Run, carrying on his legacy.

TAISM’s Terry Fox theme this year was “Every Drop Counts” because Terry filled up half a bottle of water in the Atlantic Ocean when he began his run, and had hoped to fill up the other half when he reached the Pacific Ocean on the other side of Canada.

“We wanted to fill up his bottle here in Oman. The idea was that every rial, every volunteer, every person who raised awareness about prevention and early detection is all a drop in Terry’s bottle,” explained Laura MacDonald, a teacher at TAISM who organises the Terry Fox Run each year.

MacDonald, who is Canadian, watched Terry run through her hometown when she was just four years old, and has participated in a Terry Fox run every since then, including runs in Canada, Kuwait, China and Oman. 

“He’s my personal hero. I just love Terry and I love the idea of kids being inspired by him,” MacDonald said, her eyes filling with tears at the thought of him. 

Grade 9 student Ethan Brink shaved his head this year and ran the 5km course. 

He said he has been an active supporter of all eight annual Terry Fox events that TAISM has held.

“I think it has more of an intimate effect on people here and it might encourage them to raise money for cancer because it’s closer to home,” he said. 

Eva Stoner, 9, participated for the third time. She said she was inspired by how hard Terry Fox tried to run across Canada and thought it was important for TAISM to participate in the events each year.

“They help a lot of people and they do it for a really cause,” she said after finishing the run. 

The money raised at TAISM is donated to SQU Hospital’s leukemia research project, which studies why leukemia treatments in Oman are less effective than elsewhere.

 “Because of the money and this study which we fund they have actually improved their treatment protocols,” MacDonald said.   

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