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SAISA Boys Basketball tournament 2014

March 24, 2014

The American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was the setting for the South Asia Inter School Association (SAISA) High School Boys Basketball tournament this year. The Dhaka school  put in a great effort to welcome and host the players and coaches from throughout the region this year. The boys played extremely well and finished with a 4-2 record in this year’s tournament. They had many successes throughout the weekend, took disappointments in stride, and proved to be worthy of a 3rd place finish.  

After an opening ceremony that included live drumming and dancing by local men and women, the action began. TAISM Eagles finished the first day undefeated in games against Chennai and Kathmandu. The third game in the bracket proved to be one of the most difficult for the team, playing against host, Dhaka. This put the Eagles into second place in the bracket and set to play against Karachi later that evening.  A victory by the Eagles took the team into the semifinal against the number one seed from the other bracket.  On the last day, TAISM took Mumbai down to the wire but came up short of victory.  With the loss, the team headed into the third place game against Colombo.  After a tight first half, TAISM pulled away and had a convincing victory to win the 3rd place trophy.

Sportsmanship and player camaraderie were at an all time high in Dhaka.  The Eagles demonstrated respect for the game and each other. We are very proud of these young men and  what they have accomplished this year on the basketball court.  They had one goal going into the tournament: to bring home hardware (trophies and medals). They did it!

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