Middle School Technology

Our Middle School students at TAISM are using their iPads to add a new dimension to the learning that they engage in.  

  • In the 6th grade they have been writing, editing, and recording podcasts (using the app GarageBand) to show their understanding of how technological advances changed the ways that early hominids lived.  
  • Seventh-grade math students have been slicing through 3 dimensional solids on their iPads and exploring the two dimensional shapes that result.  Their images are recorded on their iPad in a note-taking app called Notability, allowing their teacher to look at their work in real time.
  • Eighth-grade students have been presenting projects to one another through iMovie, explaining their reflections and problem-solving strategies through film and narration.
  • Students across the Middle School keep digital writer’s notebooks that they can access from their iPads or from any computer at home or elsewhere.
  • In PE, students have watched videos of their swimming strokes and then writing self-assessments, highlighting their progress as swimmers, identifying the aspects of mastering individual strokes.

The access to iPads is enhancing how students learn as well as how teachers teach.  We are part of a very exciting journey in the relationship of technology and learning.

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