Middle School External Assessments

Obtaining external data about student progress is part of TAISM’s practice to be a reflective and responsible educational institute. Standardized testing provides another thread of feedback to which we can also compare our own instructional and in-school assessment data. Regular testing enables us to use the information to chart student growth and plan for their instruction.

TAISM currently provides the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) standardized testing process. At the beginning of the year, students complete the MAP to provide a baseline of information to use with other data to complement the planning for instruction. In the spring, students complete the MAP assessment to use as comparative data to analyze student progress over the course of the year as well as over multiple years.

Annually, parents receive a report for their child after the first testing period in the fall and the last testing period in the spring. Subject areas covered are Mathematics, Language Usage and Reading Comprehension.

The results collected from the MAP tests are intended to measure academic achievement to date and not the student’s ability to learn. Additional information about the testing process will be sent to parents through newsletters and bulletins, and parents are encouraged to visit with their child’s teacher(s) and school principal if they have questions.

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