High School Learning Support

Guidelines for Admitting High School Students needing Learning Support

  • All new students with a history of learning support applying for any grade at TAISM’s High School will be assessed prior to admission or admitted provisionally pending assessments when additional information is necessary.

  • All TAISM eighth grade students in poor academic standing will be evaluated prior to admission or admitted provisionally pending assessments.

  • Prospective High School students are required to be within one year of grade level expectations for admission.

  • Students with low academic performance will be required to supply additional information and undergo further academic assessment during the admissions process.

  • Students with a history of requiring more than 225 minutes per week of learning support assistance (pull-out or in-class) will not normally be admitted to TAISM.

  • All relevant medical history and academic needs information must be submitted before acceptance. Students with mild learning disabilities will be considered for enrollment as long as appropriate services are available. TAISM will not generally admit students with moderate to severe learning disabilities.

Continued Enrollment 

  • No modified grades will be issued with the exception of designated (ELL) English Language Learners.
  • Students are restricted to 225 minutes per week of learning support.
  • Matriculating students generally must be able to graduate from TAISM using a total of four years of High School as a guideline.


AT TAISM, we believe every child can learn. We respect and appreciate different  learning styles and we encourage students to challenge themselves. We foster internal motivation and self-awareness. Services are provided to support learning experiences so that students move towards greater independence. Parents, as important working partners with the school, are involved in the decisions that are necessary in order to create the most effective learning program possible.


Learning support is offered for students identified as having learning difficulties as long as adequate resources are available.  Special needs services may include small group or individual assistance, evaluation reports, and the development of student learning plans.

Who qualifies?

Students  who have mild learning difficulties that significantly interfere with their academic performance in the classroom, and who are at risk for not meeting the grade level standards of our school, may qualify for placement in the Learning Support Program. Admission to the program is determined on a case-by–case basis, and is dependent upon whether a particular student’s needs match the level of services available.

Description of Learning Support Services in High School

Students, who qualify for the Learning Support Program, after an established referral process has been followed, will have a Learning Support Plan developed in order to address their unique learning needs. The Learning Support class is a pull-out class that offers assistance to small groups of students who benefit from

  • remedial help in academic assignments
  • instruction
  • organization
  • time management

Generally, a student in this program receives academic assistance on alternate days of the week for a period of ninety minutes per session.

The Learning Support Team

It is the responsibility of the Learning Support Team to identify the student’s strengths that promote learning and challenges that compromise potential academic growth, and provide the following services:

  • Identifying and testing students with a learning difference
  • Developing individual education plans
  • Providing direct instruction and guidance
  • Coordinating special accommodations

The Learning Support Team is comprised of the

  • High School Principal

  • High School Counselor

  • Special Needs/Learning Support Teacher

  • ELL Teacher (when required)

  • School Nurse (when required)

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