High School Counseling Services

Counseling Department:

School Counselors are an integral part of the educational team at TAISM. There are two high school counselors and a counseling assistant. TAISM counselors offer support and information to students and parents in a variety of ways: individual and group meetings, classroom lessons, course planning sessions, evening presentations, parent coffees, email reminders, and Counselor’s Corner newsletter updates. Parents are encouraged to conference with their child’s counselors and teachers by phone, email, or in person regarding any aspect of their child’s well-being while at TAISM.

Counseling Program:

TAISM High School Counselors believe in supporting the academic, personal/social, career, and global perspectives of each student. Throughout high school counselors help students explore activities, interests, courses and colleges that are the right fit for them. The counselors follow a grade 9-12 curriculum that supports students in self-exploration which leads students to finding their right fit post-secondary plan.  

Counseling Curriculum:

Grade 9: Intro to High School/Self-Exploration

  • Freshmen Boot Camp
  • Transition to high school
  • Getting to know one’s self
  • Skills for high school success

Grade 10: Career Exploration/College Introduction

  • Sophomore Jump Start
  • Personal and academic awareness
  • Continued skills development for high school success
  • Brainstorming career choices and college destinations and requirements

Grade 11: College Research/Destination Decisions

  • Junior Kick Off
  • College planning and research
  • Decisions about majors and colleges
  • Standardized test plan           

Grade 12: Applying to College/Graduation

  • Starting applications to colleges
  • Senior Retreat
  • Finalizing the college process
  • Transition to post-secondary education

Please feel encouraged to contact us if you have any questions regarding these services.

Cheryl Brown, HS Counselor for College & Careers: brownc@taism.com

Chrystal Kelly, HS Counselor: kellyc@taism.com

Alexandra Hoepfner, HS Counseling Secretary: hoepfnera@taism.com


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