The High School Years at TAISM

The ingredients of an exceptional high school include dedicated students and teachers, excellent resources, and a warm, supportive community. The high school at The American International School of Muscat (TAISM) has all these ingredients and adds to the richness of an international student body. Students representing approximately 61 nationalities come together daily at TAISM, bringing with them the diversity and wisdom of their respective cultures. This chemistry contributes significantly to each student’s growth and development. 

The opportunity to experience Oman is an important facet of TAISM’s high school educational program. Each year students travel to the far corners of this unique and varied country to learn more about the geography, culture, and rich traditions of the Omani people.  Our Discover Oman Program is integral to the education  of our students; a resource at our fingertips that is not to be missed.  

TAISM seniors graduate in May each year, ready to face the next chapter of their lives with confidence. Most go on to colleges or universities, taking with them a well-rounded liberal arts education and a deep understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. Undoubtedly they have been part of co-curricular activities that have had them performing on stage, on the pitch, or in the gym, and often beyond the borders of Oman. They take with them the unique memory of having been part of an international community, living and learning in a special country.

We hope to welcome you to TAISM…it’s an experience you won’t forget. 



Richard Petersen, High School Principal



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