Elementary Counseling Services

Counselors are an integral part of the educational team at TAISM. There is a counselor for each divisional level. Counselors at TAISM are trained to provide short-term individual and group counseling to address mental, physical, and emotional concerns that may be impacting student’s learning and/or their well-being. If a student requires long-term counseling, counselors can assist with locating resources outside of school to help support your child. TAISM counselors offer support and information to parents in a variety of ways: individual meetings, email, newsletter, parent forums, etc. Parents are encouraged to conference with their child’s counselor by phone, email or in person regarding any aspect of their child’s well-being while at TAISM.

The TAISM school counselors believe:

  • All students can learn and grow intellectually and personally into positive, active global citizens.
  • All students should thrive academically, socially and emotionally in a learning environment where the values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and compassion are paramount.
  • All students have the ability to learn in a developmentally appropriate manner.
  • We should celebrate and draw upon the diversity among our students.
  • All students face significant life choices and need support in making wise and healthy decisions.
  • Our primary role is in being an advocate for every student.
  • All students must have an equal right to access a school counselor and to participate in a comprehensive counseling program designed to ensure their personal growth.

Counseling at the Elementary School Level

Classes receive regular visits from the Elementary Counselor

Along with various character education topics, these homeroom/group meetings include the following: coping skills, friendship, healthy communication, coping with teasing, conflict resolution, anger management, cooperation and teamwork, perseverance, personal safety, cyberbullying, diversity, coping with moving, and career awareness.

Individual Services

Through individual meetings, short-term individual or group counseling addresses concerns that may be impacting a student’s learning and/or their well-being.

Parent Support/Connections

The counselor is available for parent appointments, attends parent coffee presentations, and offers parent-to-parent groups.

Referral Information

If necessary, the counselor can direct resources outside of school to help support your child.

Child Study Team

The counselor is involved in the process of referrals and coordinates these team meetings.

Supporting Students in Transition

Opportunities include new student groups, students moving from TAISM, and 5th graders transitioning to middle school.


A collection of parenting books are available in the Library and in the Elementary Counselor’s Office. Click here to see what is happening currently in the Elementary Counseling Program. You will also find supportive resources and links for parents and students.

Please feel encouraged to contact us if you have any questions regarding these services.

Dan Everett, TAISM Elementary School Counselor


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