Elementary Technology

At TAISM, we know that our children face a changing way of learning and communicating. We believe that using technology responsibly within their learning environment provides them the necessary sets of tools and skills so that they are prepared for their future. Therefore, we believe in integrating Technology across the curriculum. Instead of it being a separate subject, it is applied in every subject. Here are a few examples:

  • Beginning in EC classrooms, students have the opportunity to create and share original work they create on the iPad center activities.
  • Beginning in KG and grade 1, students extend their literacy and communication skills by creating books and video presentations to express themselves and share their learning.
  • Beginning in grade 2, students begin authoring their own blog site.
  • Beginning in grade 3, students receive full access to TAISM’s online tools including Google Apps for Education.
  • Grade 4 and 5 students use tools and skills introduced in previous years to work more independently and and with more rigor as they integrate technology throughout grade level curriculum.

With the goal of successful 1:1 iPad incorporation, TAISM supports its teachers and students with a full-time Technology Integration Specialist. Time and expertise is invested in planning, training and working in direct contact with teachers and students in their classrooms.

TAISM Elementary students have access to several subscription services. Classroom teachers can be contacted for log-in information.

  • Learning Videos: BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.
  • Guided Reading Program: RAZ Kids
  • Math Practice: IXL
  • Science Exploration:  Explore Learning’s Gizmos

General Educational Sites

PBS Kids

Little Animals Activity Centre

Story Place



Dance Mat Typing -Practice your keyboarding skills.

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