TAISM Elementary Physical Education

Elementary School Physical Education Program

Elementary students attend Physical Education class every other day for 40 minutes. Using the  SPARK PE Curriculum as a framework for planning, teaching and assessing, students learn in a variety of physical education settings: gym, outside gym, outside grass, and in the pool.

Kindergarten through grade 2 students learn about spatial awareness, locomotor movements, balance, tumbling, catching, throwing, kicking, trapping, bouncing, dribbling, striking, rhythm, creative movements, swimming and many more fundamental components of movement and skill acquisition.

Grade 3-5 students continue to add on to previously learned skills in areas of cooperative activities, team building, throwing, catching, fielding, offense, defense, moving to open space, ball pressure, striking, strategy, passing, attacking, swimming and many more conceptual components of movement.

The Elementary Physical Education Department strives to help all student become lifelong learners of movement and fitness. The skills they learn are transferable to a variety of activities in middle school, high school, and throughout the rest of their lives.

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