TAISM Elementary Mathematics

The elementary math program stresses the use of mathematics as a tool for engaging students in meaningful exploration and investigation that enables students to develop their conceptual understanding of mathematics.

Students participate in mathematical learning experiences on a daily basis that are based on the American Education Reaches Out Standards and aligned to the Common Core Standards. Curriculum resources are utilized to support student learning based on learning indicators for the standards.

Mathematics instruction and learning at TAISM elementary is considered to be an active process that requires students to explore, justify, represent, solve, construct, discuss, predict and investigate math concepts. Student learning activities are designed in a format that requires students to progress from using concrete examples to pictorial representation to using abstract algorithms.

TAISM Elementary Math Units


Grade 1

Grade 2

  • Routines and Numbers

  • Sorting, Shapes, and Patterns

  • Ordering and Comparing Numbers

  • Measurement

  • Joining and Separating Numbers

  • Show What You know

  • Routines and Data

  • Understanding Operations

  • Shapes

  • Measuring and Comparing Numbers

  • Bigger Numbers

  • Revisiting Operations

  • Number Strategies

  • Place Value and Estimations

  • Addition and Subtraction Strategies

  • Parts of a Whole

  • Plane and Solid Figures

  • Length, Temperature and Time (Measurement)

  • Computation, Calculation and Evaluation (intro. to multiplication and division)

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

  • Adding and subtracting Whole Numbers

  • Whole Numbers Operations

  • Multiplication and Division

  • Fractions

  • Geometry

  • Data Analysis

  • Numeration

  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Multiplication and Division

  • Measurement and Geometry

  • Fractions and Decimals

  • Probability and Data Analysis

  • Graphing and Interpreting Data

  • Number Sense

  • Operations

  • Fractions

  • Geometry and Measurement

  • Probability


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