Elementary Literacy Program

The aim of the Elementary Literacy Program at TAISM is to develop thoughtful, effective communicators, who are able to understand and use language successfully in a variety of media and situations. We also strive to instill a love of language in all its forms throughout a lifetime. Our curriculum is based on the AERO/Common Core State Standards, and follows the structure of developmental stages of literacy development. Students are exposed to, and expected to produce, narrative, informational and opinion based forms, as they progress through increased levels of competence as readers and writers, speakers and listeners. 

A ‘workshop’ instructional approach is utilized during literacy, which requires that the majority of class time is spent reading or writing in authentic practice. The high level of active engagement means students take ownership of their progress, and set literacy goals as they move toward increasing independence.

TAISM Elementary Literacy Progressions

Please click here for information about Elementary Literacy Progressions.

TAISM Elementary Reading Units


Grade 1

Grade 2

  • We Are Readers Exploring the World of Books

  • Readers Read, Think and Talk About Storybooks

  • Patterned Books

  • Readers Use All Our Powers to Read

  • Readers Get to Know Characters in a Story

  • Readers Are Brave and


  • Reading for Information

  • Readers Build Good Habits

  • Readers Have a Toolbox of Strategies

  • Informational Reading

  • Reading the World Through Poetry

  • Procedural Reading (How-To Books)

  • Readers Meet the Characters in Their Books

  • Launching the Reader’s Workshop: Habits of Good Readers

  • Stepping Up as Readers: Using Multiple Strategies

to Read New Words

  • Growing Ideas About Characters

  • Non-fiction Readers Learn About the World

  • Reading Clubs

  • Poetry

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

  • Building a Reading Life

  • Following Characters into

Meaning: Envision, Predict, Synthesize and Infer

  • Non-fiction Reading: Expository Text

  • Mystery Book Clubs

  • Informational Reading:

Research & Writing in a Content Area

  • Book Clubs

  • Reading is Thinking: Building a Reading Life

  • Character Study

  • Using Text Structures to

Comprehend Expository,

Narrative and Hybrid NF

  • Poetry

  • Informational Reading: Research and Writing in the Content Areas

  • Book Clubs: Synthesizing Strategies

  • Launching the Reading Workshop with Non-Fiction Strategies

  • Following Characters into


  • Historical or Fantasy Fiction

  • Biography (Narrative &


  • Social Issues Book Clubs

  • Memoir

TAISM Elementary Writing Units


Grade 1

Grade 2

  • Launching the Writing Workshop: Observing, Labeling and Listing

  • Patterned Books

  • Drawing for Meaning: Illustration Study

  • Small Moment Stories

  • Poetry

  • Informational Writing: All About Books

  • Launching the Writers Workshop

  • Writing for Readers: (Personal Narrative)

  • Procedural Writing: How-to Books

  • Poetry

  • From Scene to Scene:

Writing Fiction

  • Opinion: Writing Reviews

  • Lessons from the Masters: Improving Narrative Writing

  • Opinion Writing- Writing

About Reading

  • Poetry

  • Non-Fiction Writers Write to Teach Others

  • Realistic Fiction

  • Informational Writing About Science

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

  • Launching the Writing Workshop: Writers Use Tools

  • Raising the Quality of

Narratives with Elements of Craft

  • Informational Writing: Expert Books

  • Changing the World: Persuasive Reviews, Speeches and Letters

  • Once Upon A Time: Adapting/ Writing Fairytales

  • Poetry

  • Raising the Quality of Personal Narratives

  • Realistic Fiction

  • Personal and Persuasive Essays

  • Poetry Anthology

  • Informational Writing: Reading, Research, and Writing in the Content Areas

  • Literary Essay

  • Writing Workshop Routines

  • Interpretive Essay

  • Historical or Fantasy Fiction

  • Wax Museum Biography Project

  • Research Based Essay: Social Issues

  • Discovery Diary

  • Memoir Speeches


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