Elementary Library Program

The Elementary Library at TAISM aims to serve as a place for all of our young students to discover the joy of reading and discovering new things through books and age-appropriate websites and databases.  The aim of the professional staff  is to provide students with opportunities to read both for pleasure and for information. It is always our aim to help each child find “just the right book” and  enable them to explore their individual passions.

Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 visit the library twice every six-day cycle and are introduced to reading using a variety of stories, poems and simple informational texts. They also learn how to find and choose books for themselves and develop their reading skills as they progress as readers.

The second through fifth graders visit once every six-day cycle and select ‘Just Right’ books for independent reading. They also begin to develop research skills and use the library search facilities to locate appropriate materials for their learning. Students will use technology in many ways  to find information using an inquiry-based research process and to create and share what they have learned.

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