TAISM Elementary Program

The TAISM Elementary School experience includes learning opportunities for students in and beyond the classroom. Literacy, mathematics, science and social studies are curricular areas taught in the home classrooms. Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade also receive instruction in the areas of art, media literacy (library),music, physical education, social skills education, technology, and world languages (grades 2-5). 

Our Elementary Program at TAISM is designed to provide students a sound foundation for future learning, especially in the areas of literacy, mathematics, the arts, language, physical fitness, creativity, and social skills. We offer an environment which is both dynamic and nurturing. Decisions about teaching and learning are based on practices that are developmentally appropriate for a given age. TAISM is a community of learners who work together to develop our skills and explore the world around us. Parental involvement is considered an essential aspect of building a strong connection between home and school.

Beyond the regular school day, TAISM elementary students have the opportunity to participate in After School Activities. There are three sessions each year which include special interest opportunities for students. Sports, games, literacy clubs, drama, music, are a few examples of the experiences available.

Elementary parents may also choose for their children to participate in the Learn to Swim program on the weekends. The program provides swimming lessons for students from the beginner to the advanced levels. High school students, trained and under the supervision of our aquatics staff, provide small group swimming instruction on Saturday mornings.

The Elementary School is organized into two levels:

  • Early Childhood: a half-day program for children 3 and 4 years old
  • Elementary Program: a full-day program for children in Kindergarten through Grade 5

Elementary Curriculum

The Elementary School has a well developed curriculum that is essential to the success of all students. With a targeted enrollment of 20 students per teacher, learners are engaged and the process is differentiated for the needs of each child. As students build on the foundation established in Early Childhood and primary grades, higher-order thinking skills are emphasized. Beginning in grade 3, students are expected to become increasingly responsible for their own learning and support their school work with home study routines and extended projects. Progress is reported on the elementary progress report three times a year, and incorporates two scheduled parent-teacher conferences for parents to talk with their child’s teacher about student progress and next steps for learning. Parents are welcome to schedule additional conferences as necessary.

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