Carrying on the legacy of Terry Fox

Terry Fox has become a special tradition in our community, raising awareness about cancer research efforts, and raising money for a very successful childhood leukemia project at Sultan Qaboos University. This year TAISM celebrated our eleventh Terry Fox Run, and the theme was ‘Courage’.  Every early childhood and elementary student was matched up with a middle or high school student to be each other’s ‘Courage Buddy’.  Buddies had several chances to meet together to learn about Terry Fox, discuss what it means to have courage, and to encourage each other to do the right thing when we face challenges.  This was the first year we have publicized our campaign on social media, with the hashtag that soon caught on around our school:  #TAISMcourage!   Students and staff sold water bottle stickers, raised money through lunchtime cafeteria campaigns, and many staff and students showed their courage by shaving their heads and cutting their hair at the high school Terry Fox Head Shave.  It was an uplifting and meaningful campaign, and our most successful year yet, raising 5,500 Omani Rials. 

Terry Fox was a young Canadian who lost his leg to cancer, and decided to run across Canada with an artificial leg to raise money for cancer research. His heroic journey captured the hearts of Canadians. Even though Terry did not complete his Marathon of Hope, he inspired millions of people around the world to continue his legacy.


Each division of TAISM holds lead-up events to raise awareness and money about Terry’s dream of curing cancer. Past fundraisers and events have included t-shirt sales, wrist band sales, coin drives, pep rallies, and the ever-popular  ‘Terry Fox Head Shave’.  The culminating celebration is the all-school Terry Fox Run usually held in December or January, on and around the TAISM campus. Staff and parent volunteers provide support and healthy refreshments after the run.  It is a wonderful way to come together as a community to support families right here in Oman.


Please click here to read the Terry Fox Run news article. 







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