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Governance, Administration, and Leadership

TAISM is governed by a Board of Directors made up of seven voting and three non-voting members. Voting members are either appointed by the Ambassador of the United States to the Sultanate of Oman or elected by the School Association made up of the parents and professional staff at the school. Meetings are held six times per year, and the minutes of all open board meetings as well as committee reports are posted on the bulletin board outside the Director’s Office.

2017-2018 TAISM Board of Directors

Voting Members

Fawzi Mushantaf, Chairperson

Marla Valdez, Vice-Chairperson

Andre Strobelt, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chairperson

Jennifer Macfadyen, Secretary, Policy Committee Chairperson

Jon Hamill, Campus Development Committee Chairperson

Jesal Asher-Rajda, Member


Non-Voting Members

Stephanie L. Hallett, US Embassy, Ambassador’s Representative to the Board

Kevin Schafer, School Director

Carey Johnson, Teachers’ Representative to the Board

2017-2018 TAISM School Administration

The eleven-member Administrative Team lead the instructional and operational areas of the school:

Kevin Schafer, TAISM Director

Richard Petersen, High School Principal

Peter Lee, Middle School Principal

Daniel Hovland, Elementary School Principal

Ryan Leibel, Elementary School Associate Principal

Hemant Dutia, Business Manager

Mario Perdiguero, Facilities Manager

Badar Al Mamari, Security and Safety Manager

Loralea Wood, Early Childhood Coordinator

Charlotte Diller, Technology Director

Kerry Harder, Curriculum Director

2017-2018 TAISM Coordinators

Urmila Seymour, Admissions Coordinator

Paige Spilles, Library Coordinator

Julie Wilson - Administrative Coordinator

Natasha Fernandes, Parent Volunteer Coordinator

Luther Rauk, Athletics & Activities Director

Cori Lee, Aquatics Coordinator

Jeff Lovett, Bosch Center Manager and Theater Technician

Taline Sabbagh, Elementary School Discover Oman Coordinator

Chad Johnson, Middle School Discover Oman Coordinator

Shawn Kelly, High School Discover Oman Coordinator

Nicole Bradbury-Becx, Public Relations Representative








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