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Important Dates in February

February 28, 2018 - 6:58am

Important Dates in February


February 1: Terry Fox Run

February 3: Learn-to-Swim Season 2 Registration

February 5: TAISM Relays

                  HS Parent Coffee    

February 6: MPSL U11 Basketball at BSM  

February 7: MSSL U13 Boys Soccer at TSS

                  MSSL U13 Girls Soccer at MIS

                  MSSL U14 Boys Soccer at BSM

February 8: MS Musical

February 8-10: SAISA Season 2 Tournament

                       HS Boys Soccer in Nepal

                       HS Girls Basketball in India                      

February 10: HS Girls Basketball and Boys Soccer Ends

                    MS Musical 

February 11: HS Girls Soccer, HS Boys Basketball and MS/HS Track & Field Begins

                    College Visit – Canadian University

February 14: ES/MS Parent-Teacher Conferences, 12:00-8:00 p.m., No School in ES/MS               

February 15: ES/MS Parent-Teacher Conferences, 8:30-3:30 p.m., No School in ES/MS

                    HS Dance

February 18: ES DO

February 18-22: HS Discover Oman Week

                         MS Spirit Week 

February 20: ES DO                        

February 21: MSSL U12 Boys Soccer Tournament at TSS 

February 22: ES DO

                    MS Spirit Day

February 25:  MSSL U14 Girls Soccer Tournament at BSM

February 26: MPSL U9 Girls Basketball Clinic at AGS   

                    Grade 8 HS Course Selection Evening for Students and Parents

February 27: HS SAISA Season 2 Recognition Assembly

                    MSSL U14 Boys Soccer Tournament at TSS

                    MSSL Varsity Girls Soccer Tournament at TAISM

February 28: MSSL U14 Boys Soccer Tournament at TSS

February 28-March 4: AMIS HS Honor Choir in Berlin


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