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Important Dates in November

November 30, 2017 - 12:22pm

Important Dates in November


November 1-2: Parent Teacher Conferences, No School 

November 2: ES Fall Festival 

November 4: HS SAT and SAT Subject

                    Learn-to-Swim, Session 1, Lesson 1 

November 5-8: MS Discover Oman 

November 5: Education Fair - Universities in Canada and New Zealand 

November 6: College Visit - Purdue University 

November 9: MUN at The Sultan’s School

                    ES ASA Session 1 ends

                    MS No School 

November 9-11: HS Drama 

November 11: Learn-to-Swim, Session 1, Lesson 2                                              

November 16: ES Gr. 3-5 Music Concert                     

November 18:  Learn-to-Swim, Session 1, Lesson 3 

November 19-22: ES Discover Oman Week 1 

November 20: MS Parent Coffee

                     Grade 2 Friendship Feast 

November 21: MSSL U12 Girls & Boys Volleyball Tournament at BSM                                    

                      HS Band Concert 

November 22: ES/MS End of Trimester 1 

                      Oman National Day Celebration

November 23: U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday, No School  

November 27: HS Parent Coffee

                     MSSL U13 Boys Volleyball Tournament at BSM

                     MSSL U13 Girls Volleyball Tournament at TAISM 

November 28: College Visit – University of British Columbia 

November 29: MS/HS Choir Concert 

                     College Visit: American University of Beirut

November 30: Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday (lunar holiday-tentative date)







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