Admissions Procedure

Welcome to TAISM! We are very pleased that you are interested in joining our community of learners. To help ensure that we meet the needs of every student we admit, the following procedures have been established: 

Application Procedure 

All applicants to TAISM must complete the online application forms. Once the following is complete, the application will be considered:

1.  Online Application for Admission - completed and digitally signed by parent or guardian, with one photograph of the student uploaded as part of online application.

2. Application fee - A non-refundable fee of RO 75/- (Seventy-Five Omani Rials)*

3. A copy of the student’s  and parents’ passports (photo page) - uploaded as part of online application.

4. aConfidential School Report (for EC & Kindergarten) - form to be printed by parent, Part I of form to be completed and signed by parent, and Part II to be completed and signed by previous nursery/school and sent directly to TAISM by previous nursery/school.

4. b. Confidential School Report/Release of School Records (for grades 1-12)form to be printed by parent, Part I of form to be completed and signed by parent, and Part II to be completed and signed by the previous school and sent directly to TAISM by the previous school.                      

5. Official school records for at least the past two years must be forwarded directly to TAISM by the student’s previous school.  Records of grades 9 through 11 must be forwarded for grade 12 applicants.  An official English translation must be submitted for records not in English.

Review Process 

After receipt of all completed admissions documents, the Admissions Committee will review the application and make an admissions decision. 

All middle school and high school applicants are evaluated to determine their level of mathematics ability. Along with past grades, a test is used to determine correct placement in the appropriate mathematics class. Another integral part of the review process is an assessment of the applicant’s English language abilities. An essay, written by the applicant helps in determining the student’s level of ability in language arts and in English language usage. 

Applicants and parents may be asked to meet with a counselor and/or Principal to share more information about the applicant’s ability to benefit from the curriculum at TAISM

Steps after Admissions Acceptance

Once the family has been notified of admission to TAISM, the following must be completed BEFORE the student may attend classes:

Payment of School Fees - Please see Fee Schedule for payment details. 

Registration Documents to be submitted:

  1. Physical Examination Report - to be completed by a physician within six months prior to or no later than one month after the student’s admission to the school.
  2. Annual Student Health Record - to be completed by the student’s parent or guardian.
  3. Emergency Contact Information
  4. Publicity Waiver and School Telephone Directory Information to be completed by the student’s parent or guardian.
  5. Updated copy of student’s passport and residence visa for Oman
  6. English Language Learner Form (for students in grades 1-5 only)
  7. Bus Request Service form - click here for online form - (optional)

* Application fees can be paid as follows:

  • Rials Omani Cash, or Check or Demand Draft in Omani Rials drawn on a bank in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
  • Direct wire transfer to the school’s bank account. All sending and receiving bank charges will be borne by the sender. Please quote applicant’s name and grade to enable our office trace the payment. 
National Bank of Oman
Corporate Branch
Bank Address
P.O. Box 751, Ruwi, Postal Code 112
Sultanate of Oman
Account No.
Account Name
The American International School of Muscat
Bank Routing Number 
(Swift Code)
Bank Telephone No. (968) 2477-8388 / (968) 2477-8381/87
Bank Fax no.
(968) 2477-8399

TAISM does not have a debit/credit card facility for payment.

For admissions assistance, please contact:

Urmila Seymour, Admissions Coordinator



The American International School of Muscat
PO Box 584, Azaiba PC 130, Sultanate of Oman 

Please use the following address for FedEx, DHL, etc. 

The American International School of Muscat 
Building B/86, Way 6305 
Ghala Street 
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Registration Documents:


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