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TAISM serves students in Early Childhood Year 1 (age 3) through High School Grade 12 (age 18) who are from the international community residing in Muscat. In addition to academic criteria, TAISM utilizes the guidelines listed below to select students for admissions and to manage wait-lists once classes are full.

A student accepted for admissions to TAISM:

  • will benefit from an American-based curriculum in an English-medium environment
  • plans to enter college or university in North America or Europe, or any English-medium institution of higher learning
  • plans to transfer to other English-medium preparatory schools
  • comes from an educational background similar to that provided by TAISM
  • can perform in an English-medium environment from grade seven. English Language Learning (ELL) is offered throughout Elementary and Middle School; however intensive ELL is offered up to grade 5 only
  • can be serviced within the academic program provided by TAISM

Families interested in admission may apply at any time throughout the year using our online application for admission. The Admissions Coordinator will arrange for an introductory visit to the school, provide the necessary application materials, and schedule admissions testing and an interview with the Principal, if required. Prospective families, who live in Muscat, or are visiting the Sultanate of Oman, are encouraged to make an appointment with the Admissions office to visit TAISM to see the program in action. Please note that drop-in visitors are not able to be accomodated without an appointment. 

The Admissions Committee considers age and official school records to make appropriate placement decisions.

Please contact our Admissions Coordinator for more information.

Urmila Seymour


PO Box 584, Azaiba, PC 130, Sultanate of Oman 

Please use the following address for FedEx, DHL, etc. 

The American International School of Muscat 
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